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Seven Stones Studio

Seven Stones Studio began as an idea between two friends who had a similar passion. Our mission is to provide you with the education and tools you need to be your most authentic self.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki healing can be done in our home studio, your home, or we can schedule a distance session. Each of these methods will result in a feeling of relaxation, recharging, and a beautiful energy reset. To learn more, please see our Reiki Healing page.


How can you help restore my lifestyle?

We work hand in hand to restore your most authentic self and raise your vibrational energy. We use different modalities such as reiki, essential oils, meditation, and yoga to guide you to finding inner peace. We want to be with you through the good, bad, and ugly and watch your transformation.


What can I do to improve myself?

We always recommend that your first step in your journey is self-care. Begin by putting yourself first and heal your traumas. You can achieve this by adding meditation into your daily routine, going to the gym, or simply changing your diet. Wherever you start is the first step and it is never too little or too late.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Being a first-timer to the reiki world I was a bit nervous & skeptical but Michelle made my first experience unforgettable. From the start she explained to me how everything works, what could and could not happen, what I should expect and the biggest thing was to stay calm, allow yourself to be put into a peaceful meditative state and let her work her “magic”. I must say getting reiki performed is a completely out of body experience, Michelle always makes you feel so comfortable and makes it really easy to trust in her with something that can leave you feeling completely vulnerable along with being considerate and professional each step of the way. Her knowledge of each chakra is impeccable and I appreciated learning from her along the journey! Whether you feel you need a whole body cleanse or just want to work on a few key chakras, definitely don’t miss out on an opportunity to book a session with Michelle, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Kayla G.

When I first met Alexis, I was automatically drawn to her positive energy. I knew she had a special gift, but it was not until I had my first Reiki session with her that I truly experienced an overwhelming and powerful experience. Alexis is extremely professional, and uses different techniques in order to guide you into a deep meditation. After my first session, I was nearly brought to tears because I felt so rejuvenated and renewed. Alexis has helped me achieve my goals during my physical, mental, and spiritual journey through energy healing. Reiki is now a part of my “self-care” routine and I look forward to every single session! Thank you for all you do Alexis! You have poured so much positivity into my life and it has been so valuable!

Marissa M.
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