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10 Powerful Affirmations for When You Are Depressed

Hello lovely readers, thanks for stopping by! Today we are going to talk about affirmations, particularly, affirmations that you can say to yourself when you are feeling depressed. The list that we have compiled below can be applied to any situation that has you feeling down in the dumps: a bad breakup, loss of a family member, a bad day at work, etc. Some of these are even nice just to say to get yourself pumped up before a big meeting or first date. 

So what is an affirmation you ask? Basically affirmations are positive sentences and statements that you can tell yourself to help overcome an emotion or challenge. They are motivating and inspiring and when you truly believe in what you are saying, you’ll start to see positive changes in the situation you are trying to overcome. 

But wait, how can you really believe in what you are saying if you are trying to overcome a negative feeling or situation? Well the best way is to keep repeating the affirmation! The more you say something, the more real it will become to you. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, say something like, “I am beautiful”, everytime you look in a mirror or get dressed in the morning. The more you say it, the more you will believe it and hopefully make you realize that even if you don’t lose that extra 5 pounds, you are still a beautiful person inside and out. When we say things aloud, we are casting “what is” into the universe. 

Now I’m not saying that you need to say the same sentence over and over again all day without a breath. But when you start feeling doubt creep in or the thought pops into your mind, run with it! Or set a reminder on your phone for certain times throughout the day so you can take a minute to say your affirmations. 

I actually put sticky notes with specific affirmations in my car and at my desk at work. Throughout the day when I notice them I will say them to myself. I also use affirmations to keep my mind from wandering when I meditate or if I am trying to tune one of my chakras I’ll say the affirmations for that chakra while I meditate. 

I wanted to create a list of go-to depression affirmations because it can be hard to remember things that you love about yourself when you’re feeling down or stressed out. Having something on hand to say, even if it feels crazy or you aren’t completely sold on it, it can still help boost your spirits, especially if you can laugh at yourself for feeling silly! And remember, the more you say them, the more real they become to you. So don’t give up after a day or two. The key to success is staying the course!

The possibilities are endless here so get a little creative and come up with your own too. This list is not the end-all-be-all of affirmations for depression so if something else is jumping out at you, use your intuition and go for it!

Check out the list below and let me know which ones you are going to try! My personal favorite is, “I am a mountain”, and it’s definitely one I use on a daily basis. 

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10 Powerful Affirmations For When You Are Depressed


  • I am alive
  • I am healthy
  • I am strong
  • I am grounded
  • I am a mountain
  • I love myself
  • I accept myself
  • I trust my intuition
  • I am successful
  • I am powerful