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10 Ways To Help The Environment Today

So you want to help the environment huh? Well, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by because I’ve created a list of easy tips of small changes you can make in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet. These tips are also good for your wallet! I really should have named this article, “10 ways to help the environment and save yourself some money!”

It’s important for us to live sustainably to help Mother Earth and create a lasting world for our littles to grow up in. My goal is to help change the planet so my son and his future children and grandchildren can be healthy, happy and live responsibly. He is only 2 but it’s my job to teach him everyday how to live ethically, minimally and to treat earth not like it’s his place to rule, but to nourish. 

The tips in this list are just guides so you can feel free to do all of them or only some of them. If you want to live more ethically but are too afraid to make the full leap try changing one thing at a time as you feel comfortable. And remember, the list of things you can do help the environment are endless so feel free to think outside the box and make other changes to your lifestyle too. 

Let me know in the comments what you currently do to help the environment or what changes you are planning to make. If there is something you do that is not on this list, let me know that too! I love hearing other opinions, especially if I can learn from them!

10 Ways To Help The Environment Today

1. Reduce Waste: This one seems like a no-brainer right? Well that’s because it is but it’s an important one too. Reducing waste is all about reusing or recycling the things you already have and trying to throw less away. This can mean that you buy in bulk and bring your own containers or create a compost pile in your backyard. Check out this post about how to reduce your waste!

2. Turn The Lights Off: This will reduce the amount of electricity you’re using which will also help your wallet!

3. Unplug Anything That Isn’t Currently Being Used: You know that lamp you have in the living room that you never use? What about the random phone chargers plugged in all over the house or your laptop that is always connected to it’s charger? Unplug them! 

4. Turn Off The Water While You Brush Your Teeth: I’m totally guilty of this too. I turn the water on to get my toothbrush wet… and then leave it on for the 2+ minutes while I brush my teeth. But this wastes so much water! 

5. Think Before You Buy Online: I LOVE Amazon! I mean really guys, I do. And it’s so convenient to have almost everything I need delivered right to my door. I’m sure you feel the same. But the downside to all that online shopping is the packaging everything comes in. We throw it all away and it goes right into a landfill! So maybe instead of having your goods shipped to you, try ordering online from somewhere like Target and picking up in the store. Then you avoid all the boxes and bubble wrap in the trash but you’re still getting the convenience of a quick pickup! Or if you must order online, see if the company has an option for more sustainable packaging.

6. Support Local Small Businesses (Farms And Butchers): Buying locally is good for so many reasons. Firstly, you are supporting a local small business in your area. Second, the meat and produce your buying is much more fresh. Third, you are helping the environment! Think about it: Do you know where that meat and produce your purchasing from the big-box grocery store is coming from? How much gasoline was used to get it there? Buying locally means it came from somewhere in your area, thus reducing pollution. 

7. Plant A Tree!: Yay, fresh air!

8. Take A 10 Minute Shower: Like tip #4, this will help to reduce the amount of water you’re using. You could also try turning the shower off while you lather up and only turn it back on when you need to rinse.


9. If You Have Small Children- Try Cloth Diapers: Yes, cloth diapers are an investment but they are worth it in the long run. Conventional diapers just end up in a landfill but clothies are washed and reused. They last forever if you take care of them right so they can be used for multiple children. Plus, you are saving money in the long run by not having to purchase diapers all the time! As an added money saving bonus, you can also try cloth wipes.

10. Go Paperless!: Change all of your accounts to paperless. This will save paper and trees and also save you from having 10,000 paper bills hiding all over your house. Most people pay their bill online anyway so why get a paper statement sent when you could have it emailed to you? 

What did you think? The first thing I changed in my own household was going paperless! 

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