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Aura Colors and Their Meaning

In our last post we discussed how to see your own aura. So now that you’ve had some time to practice, let’s talk about the aura colors and what they mean! If you didn’t get a chance to check out the last blog post or need a refresher on how to see your aura, HERE

But before we begin this I’d like to just mention a few things to keep in mind as you go through this list. Remember that your aura colors are constantly changing throughout the day depending on your feelings, mood, thoughts and the circumstances that are going on around you. So you may look at your aura at 1pm and then at 1:20, it’s changed to a different color. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. 

I’d also like to point out that learning to see your aura is the easy part. The hard part is interpreting what you see. So keep an open mind and don’t get discouraged if you learn something that you weren’t expecting. 

Okay, let’s begin! 


Bright Red: This shade is most closely tied to the root chakra. People with this color are grounded and have a strong connection to the earth. 

Blurry Red: Indicates anger and an imbalance in the root chakra or karmic energies

Pink: This is the color of compassion. It means you are gentle and quiet and always willing to help others. A darker shade of pink could mean that you have an emotional imbalance and are giving too much of yourself away for others. 


Bright Orange: People with a lot of oranges in their auras are highly expressive and creative. They are able to speak about their emotions clearly and passionately. They exude sexual energy and love to tap into this side of themselves.

Deep/Burnt Orange: Indicates some sort of emotional imbalance which causes vanity or too much pride


Bright Yellow: This color depicts true happiness, the development of new ideas and clarity.

Dark/Brownish Yellow: People with this color are typically critical and overanalyze everything. They can have restless or wandering minds and overthink all of their actions and decisions.


Emerald Green: This color means that you are a natural healer and are drawn to professions where you might help people. You are a naturally nurturing person. 

Light Green: This color indicates that you are going through a change or transformation in your life. You are growing as a person and letting go of everything that is holding you back whether that is mentally, physically or spiritually. Embrace this change and continue to move forward in your journey. 

Dark/Murky Green:  This indicates a fear of love or a possessiveness over others


Turquoise: One of the easiest colors to see. Indicates peacefulness. People with this color implicitly know who they are and are not afraid to speak their own truth. 

Royal Blue: Means that you are connected to your spiritual and higher self. 

Light/Soft Blue: Indicates a very developed sense of self (inner guide) and a sense of purpose or direction

PURPLE: Means that you have a very strong presence on the spiritual plane and have developed psychic abilities. People with a lot of purple in their aura are great at visualizing and manifesting. They have powerful intuition. 

WHITE: This color is mostly related to the crown chakra and your relationship to God or higher consciousness. Bright white means that you have a good hold on your spirituality and religion. A duller white could mean that you have a blockage that needs to be cleared up. Spend some time meditating and tuning your crown. 

GRAY: This color has different meanings. It can mean that you have a blockage somewhere in your energies (usually related to a specific body part) or it can mean that you are going through a spiritual awakening. 

GOLD: You are on the path of spiritual development. You are connected to your higher power, meaning your God or higher consciousness.

BLACK: Most people think that black is a negative thing to see in your aura. While this is certainly true, it can also be a good thing! In the negative context, black can mean that you have a blockage somewhere in your energies. This in turn throws all of your chakras out of balance. But it is also a sign of peace. It can mean that you are in a good place in your life and are experiencing slowness and certainty. So if you see this color in your aura, take a long look inward to decide which meaning it has to you. 

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