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DIY Carpet Refresher

Okay, this recipe is probably the easiest DIY that you will ever make. PROMISE. 

Today we are talking carpet refresher. You know the super sweet smelling, almost makes you sick because of how strong it is, carpet stuff you can buy at the grocery store? Well the recipe I’m going to share with you today is the do it yourself, healthier and chemical free version of that. 

I used to LOVE the carpet fresh I got from the store. I would use it every couple of days without a second thought; until I started down my “crunchy” journey that is. I never realized how many chemicals that stuff has in it. And the artificial fragrances! I mean you can almost smell that aisle from the front of the grocery store! LOL. 

The DIY version of carpet sprinkle only has 2 ingredients and it’s much more family friendly. I still use this about once a week when I vacuum my floors but I don’t worry anymore about my son licking the floor (yeah, he is going through a carpet licking phase. Facepalm!) I also don’t worry about the fragrance being too strong for my sweet doggy. She used to sneeze all the time after I would vacuum but I never really gave it a second thought because I thought what I was putting on my floor was safe.

So as I mentioned before, our DIY carpet refresher is made of only 2 ingredients. Honestly it’s not really a recipe. All you need for this is a box of baking soda and your favorite essential oil. I like to use something fruity like grapefruit or orange but I do go for a thieves blend occasionally too. Use whatever you like best. If you have pets, make sure that the essential oil you pick is animal friendly!

Literally all you are going to do once you have your ingredients is drop about 10-15 drops of oil into the box and shake it up. That’s it, all done! You could mix in a bowl if you want and store it in a cute glass container. I’m lazy so I just keep it in the box. 

As a side note, if you like a heavier scent feel free to add more of your oil to the box until you get the desired smell. 

I like to sprinkle and let everything sit for a few minutes before I vacuum so the scent can soak in and the baking soda can work it’s magic. It’s fantastic at pulling up old dirt and grime from your carpets!

PS. You don’t have to buy the most expensive brand of baking soda for this recipe to work. I use the 50¢ kind from Aldi and it works exactly the same.

PPS. trying adding 2-3 drops of oil to the filter in your vacuum cleaner!! We love using purification to purify the air as we are cleaning our carpets and kicking up some dirt and dust. 

PPPS (yup, I just did PPPS) and it’s not related to this DIY but it has to do with floors. I have a steam mop that I use for my kitchen and bathroom floors. If you don’t have one of these but you do have hardwood, tile or laminate floors, you should 1000% invest in a steam mop. I got mine for less than $40 and it has completely changed how I clean. You just fill up the reservoir with water, turn it on and wait for it to heat up and then go to town. THAT’S IT. 

The reason I brought this up is because I like to add a drop of essential oil into my steam mop water too. I typically do all my floors at the same time so I use the same type of oil but you could definitely switch it up if you want to. The water reservoir in these things is usually plastic though so you need to dump your water out when you’re done so it doesn’t eat through the plastic. Let’s be real though, I’ve forgotten to do this many a time and mine is still fine but as a precaution you should do this. 

I realize that was a big stray from the original topic of this article but if you’ve been reading for a while you know we do this a lot. LOL. So there is your family, baby, and pet friendly DIY carpet refresher!! Let me know in the comments what your favorite essential oil is to use in this recipe! If you have a different carpet sprinkle recipe I’d love to hear it!

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