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DIY Clay Face Mask

I’ve got a SUPER easy, but effective, mask recipe for you today! 

It only has 3 ingredients and can be changed to your preferences. Honestly, I’m sure you guys have probably tried this exact recipe or something similar to it already but I love it so much, I had to share anyway. 

Okay, if you guys know anything about me it’s that I LOVE skincare products. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun, from five dollar face lotions, to $100 dollar serums. I used to spend so much money on skincare (seriously ask my husband) but I never found the results I was seeking. It took me making some serious lifestyle changes and adopting a “less is more” attitude to see any real changes. And I still struggle!

I had amazing skin in my teens. Like that perfect, flawless skin that every woman dreams of. But then I started smoking and had a terrible diet and one thing led to another and bam; I developed adult acne. And now years after I stopped smoking and adopted a more crunchy lifestyle I’m still struggling with bad skin. The moral of the story: don’t smoke. 

Just kidding! Seriously, do you. But regardless of whether you smoke, have a bad diet, food sensitivities or just have bad genes, there are some things you can do to help tame the breakouts. Drink more water, take a multivitamin and give this face mask a go. It’s super tightening so it helps to shrink your pores and squeeze the gunk out of them. It’s amazing how cheap and easy it is!

One rule of thumb to live by is to not use this right before you have a big event or somewhere to go that you need to look extra fabulous for. Because this mask is so effective you may actually see your face break out a few days after you use it because it draws out so many impurities from your skin. Which is a great thing but not if you have a wedding to go to and will be seen in pictures. Although concealer can work wonders!Here is all you need: 

* 1 Tbs Aztec Healing Clay Mask (you can get it here on amazon)

* 1 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

* 2-3 drops essential oil of your choice

That’s literally it! Now to be fair, this recipe is actually on the back of the Aztec Healing Clay Mask container so it’s not my own original recipe but I’m sharing it because I think everyone should try this. 

I know apple cider vinegar is a tough ingredient. You either love it or hate it but the good news is that it can be swapped out with water (which will also tone down the smell!)

I love to use 2 drops of peppermint oil to give it a cooling sensation but you can also use lavender to help calm your senses and skin or grapefruit for brighter skin. 

The directions on the container say to leave the mask on for anywhere from 10-30 minutes but I leave mine on until it’s completely dry. It can definitely take a while so I like to add it into my self care routine and curl up with a book or get some writing done while I wait. Self care is SO important so I personally try to make sure I am doing something for myself while I have my mask on. We have an article coming up about the importance of Self-Care. Keep an eye out for it. 

After you wash your mask off, try using a toner to get rid of any excess oils that may have come out from your pores tightening and to help even out your skin tone. You can even use diluted apple cider vinegar! I do feel that while my skin always feels so soft and smooth after I wash the mask off, it can be a little dry so make sure you slather on a really moisturizing lotion to finish off.  

Leave a comment down below to let us know if you tried this recipe and how you like it. Also let us know what your favorite DIY mask is! 

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