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How To Choose The Correct Crystal For You

Are you ready to start your journey into the world of crystals but have no idea where to start? Well you have come to the right place! 

In this article we will be discussing crystals and how to choose the best one for you. Think of this as a mini-beginners guide. I think the first, and arguably the most important question to ask yourself is what you want to get out of the crystal. Do you have a past trauma that you are trying to heal from? Maybe you suffer from anxiety and are looking for a non-pharmaceutical way to help cope with it. Or maybe you are needing protection from negative energy in your work space or at home. Crystals can definitely help with all of these issues!

The cool thing about crystals is that there are SO many different kinds out there. Some of them are even really great multi-taskers too so you can get a 2-for-1 depending on what you choose. Each type of crystal has a different vibration which is why they are so awesome at helping heal us from our ailments. 

The first crystal I ever bought was a black tourmaline and I was honestly very skeptical about even trying it out. I didn’t think it was really going to help with the negative energy in my work space but I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a go and if it doesn’t work, no harm no foul. But amazingly it did work from the first second I placed it on my desk and I was hooked from that point on. My journey as an empath has only begun manifesting over the past few years (mostly in part to the lovely Alexis! You can read about our journey here) but I’ve been very aware of and influenced by other people’s emotions my whole life. So working in a fast paced office where negative vibes are constantly flowing is very hard for me! I can tell when someone is angry or stressed, happy or sad and I tend to reflect that person’s emotions in myself. Having a black tourmaline crystal at my desk and wearing one as a necklace has honestly saved me in so many ways! I even put one above the door in my bedroom as well as my son’s.

I’ve made a list below of different crystals and their uses. You can use this as a guide to help you choose what is right for you. You can purchase crystals online but I personally believe the best way to purchase is to go to a store and pick one out in person. This gives you an opportunity to choose the one that “calls” to you. This could mean that your eye is naturally drawn to it or you feel chills when you touch it. Or it could literally scream your name. JUST KIDDING! If you have been following us here at Seven Stones Studios for a while, you know how much we talk about (and love) following our intuition. This is the same for choosing your crystal. Try not to put too much thought into it, just go with the flow. 

So read on and I hope you gain some insight from this article. 

Black Tourmaline: This is an incredibly versatile stone! Black Tourmaline is a protection stone that is typically used for protection from negative energies. It does this by absorbing the negative energies around you so it’s a great crystal to keep on your desk at work or in your car if you have a long commute. 

Black Tourmaline can also be used to help balance out your root chakra. It has wonderful grounding properties. If you suffer from anxiety, you can meditate while holding a black tourmaline crystal while imagining it sucking the negative energy from you.

One thing to note about this crystal is that it needs to be cleansed often to remove the negative energies that it absorbs. You can check out how to do this here. 

Fluorite: Fluorite helps to increase intuition. Use it while meditating to help you better connect to higher consciousness and learn more from your meditation session. It’s used for deep spiritual connection. 

Carnelian: This is the stone of courage! Wear it on your body to help encourage and guide you to handle situations that arise in your day confidently. Carnelian has been used by leaders and people in power positions throughout history.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz crystal that is typically used for emotional healing. It can help to calm the mind and be used in meditation. Amethyst is most closely tied with the third eye chakra so it is also associated with one’s spiritual side and can assist in balancing this chakra. 

Like black tourmaline, amethyst also absorbs negative energy but it also purifies and releases energy back into the universe so it’s a good crystal to keep in your home. Placing an amethyst crystal by your bed or above your door will help to protect you while you are sleeping. 

Selenite: Selenite is a spiritual stone that can be used to open and balance the crown chakra. It is an incredibly powerful crystal that is used to cleanse other crystals! You can buy it in a large bar and place your other crystals on top of it to cleanse and recharge them. I keep a small piece of selenite next to the other crystals I keep on top of my bedroom door so they are constantly cleansed. 

Citrine: Citrine is part of the quartz family and can range in color from bright to dark, almost brownish, yellow. It’s used to tune the solar plexus chakra and helps aid in decision making. This stone is all about power but it can also act as a mood stabilizer. If you’ve had a bad day, citrine will help put you in a good mood!

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is the stone of love. It’s incredibly popular not just for it’s looks but for its ability to ease the heart and help it’s users let go of their negative and jealous emotions. It’s widely used to promote self love and healing but can also be used to ease stress and anxiety.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is used for creativity. It’s also a healing and grounding stone that can be used for protection from other negative energies. 

Sodalite: Sodalite is the perfect stone for emotional balance. Use it to help tune the throat chakra and it will allow you to express your feelings and truth. 

Jasper: Jasper is a universal stress reliever. Also like black tourmaline, it absorbs negative energy to help promote peacefulness. 

Green Aventurine: This stone symbolizes growth and renewal. Wear it on your body while you are going through a spiritual awakening or change to help clear away negative energies and thought patterns.

Labradorite: Use labradorite to protect your aura and enhance your psychic abilities. 

Clear Quartz: This is a must-have for any crystal collection. Clear quartz amplifies the energies of other stones to make them more powerful. Add it to your manifesting routine to help your desires come to fruition more quickly. 

Garnet: Garnet promotes abundance and gratitude. Use this crystal to help on your manifestation journey. 

Smoky Quartz: This is an intensely grounding stone. It’s perfect for tuning the root chakra and bringing you into harmony with nature. Use it to help reconnect with yourself.

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