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How to See Your Aura

In this post we will be discussing… you guessed it: how to read auras!

I recently learned how to do this and I am amazed at how easy it is. I’ll be teaching you the easiest way to do it below but first we should discuss exactly what an aura is. 

Auras are basically your energies, also called your energy field, manifested into color around your body. Everyone has an aura, including animals and inanimate objects. In the simplest terms, everything is made up of atoms which as I’m sure you know, are essentially tiny bits of energy that combine to form something larger, so everything you see has an energy field. All matter also has different vibrations but that is a discussion for a different post. 

There are different layers to a person’s aura with one color typically being their “base” color. This base color can best be described as the color that describes their personality or who they are as a person. For example, my base color is green which means that I am a natural healer! We will be discussing more about aura colors and their meanings in our next blog post. 

As I mentioned above, this first color that you see is typically your base color which can be used to define your personality. This color will always be the same every time you look at your aura. However, there are actually 7 layers to each person’s aura and these layers are related to the energies surrounding your spirit, physical body and emotions as well as your mental state of mind. So each of these layers will have a different color and are constantly changing dependent upon the above factors. Pretty cool huh? It is said that a person’s aura can actually extend about 3-5 meters outside of their body!

When I first tried to learn how to read my own aura I read a lot of articles out there on how to do this and I have to be honest, I was confused! There is so much conflicting education out there in internet-land on how to read auras and when I first started out, I didn’t succeed. Some people recommend sitting in a pitch black room and staring at the wall or your hand and other articles I read sounded so complicated I didn’t even bother trying.

So how can you learn to read your own aura? I think this is the simplest way to teach someone how. The only tools you need are your hand and a light colored background!

First make sure you give yourself some uninterrupted time. It may take longer for some than others too see but don’t get discouraged if this happens to you. All it takes is perseverance and practice and you will start seeing yours in no time. So now that you have your quiet time, you are going to sit in front of something white or neutral, like a wall. I think it is easiest to see the true color of your aura if you are sitting in front of a neutral color. If you don’t have a white wall, try sitting at your kitchen table or grab a light colored book. 

Once you have your scene set, hold your hand up, palm facing towards you, and stare at the space between two of your fingers. I’m not sure why but I find it is easiest for me personally to focus on the space between my ring finger and pinky but choose whatever feels right to you! Now, this is going to sound a little weird but you want to focus on the space between your fingers but not actually focus your eyes on what you are seeing. Take in the shape of your fingers and the spot beneath it. The trick is to see without seeing. You know when you are staring at something and you stare so long that it gets blurry and your eyes become unfocused? That is what you want to do now. It’s hard to do at first but I promise you will become a pro!

Once your eyes are unfocused, keep them that way. It can take 1-2 minutes but you will start to see an outline of color around your fingers. Don’t look at it directly or it will go away and you will have to start over again! The first time I saw it, I got excited and it took me 5 minutes to find my aura again because I kept trying to look directly at it LOL. 

I found that after I saw my aura the first time, as I practiced it was easier to see and I didn’t have to spend as much time searching. The first few times you practice you will most likely only see the layer closest to your body but eventually you’ll be able to expand to seeing more layers and eventually all 7. I can currently see 3-4 layers at a time but I have to focus really hard. 

After you get the hang of seeing your own aura try to expand into seeing other people’s auras. Maybe practice on your partner or a family member first instead of random people in the grocery store LOL. You can also practice on your furry family members if you have one. I usually give my dog, Lucy, a little bit of reiki while we cuddle before bed and I work on seeing her aura while I do it. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next post where we go over the aura colors and what they mean. Let me know in the comments how you made out and what color you saw! 

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Namaste, friends.