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My Past Life Regression Session

Okay y’all this is about to get real personal, real fast! Welcome to my personal past life regression session. I have been wanting to get a session done for quite a long time, but finally pulled the trigger and I am so glad that I did! This is going to be a long post so give yourself time to read it (I promise you will want all of the juicy details)! First, let’s discuss what past life regression (PLR) is, for those who don’t know. PLR is a hypnotic session where you are guided to visit one or more past lives to learn a message. When you are visiting a past life, it is to teach you a lesson that you are supposed to overcome in your current journey. When I say hypnosis, I don’t mean what they show in the movies where you are dancing like a chicken in front of 100 people. This is a hypnosis that you are completely in control of and are being guided through. You are able to wake up and come back to the present at any time.

I have known a few PLR therapists over the last few years and have learned snippets of my lives. I was told that I was married to my mom in a past life (she always says I was the husband because she is too emotional – HAHA). I have also learned that I was a high priestess in the Egyptian era and I died of suffocation from a sand storm – woah! I learned that this is why I don’t like small spaces that I can’t get out of. I am okay sitting in a closet for hours, but as soon as you lock it and I can’t get out, I panic.  Okay – we are digressing! Let’s get back to this current one!!

I came prepared for this session, I knew that I wanted to experience something! I brought 2 crystals with me to hold and I applied some essential oils before I went. I met with Abby from Aviva Wellness in North Wales, PA and she was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and relaxed before we even got started. She had me lay back and walked me into a meditation. Through this I began to relax more than I ever thought that I could have. She had me visit happy memories from this current life from when I was 20, 15, 10 and then as young as I can remember.

The memory that I remembered was from when I went on vacation with my aunt and grandparents to Busch Gardens, VA. I was 3 years old on this trip and what I saw was my aunt and I holding hands and walking through the amusement park. She was smiling down at me. Abby had asked me to describe our outfits and what we were feeling. I expressed that my Aunt and I have a very strong bond and we are connected. She has always been a strong influence in my life and I am so thankful for her.

Once I had explored that memory, Abby began to walk me further back in my current life, she had taken me back into the womb. What?! The womb?! YES!! I didn’t even know we could remember things from the womb, but I did. I saw all of these beautiful hues of yellows, oranges, and reds. It made me feel as though I was swimming and it was so comfortable. There was a small pressure being in there, but comforting. I started explaining the energy that I was feeling. My Mom felt nervous, but excited. She couldn’t wait to be a mom and she knew that having me was going to complete her. My mom used to hold her belly and talk to me, I could hear her. Abby asked me what my purpose was in being born again. My exact response was “I am coming here to heal people through touch. I am coming here to heal my Mom from her past traumas.” I kind of shocked myself with that answer. Yes I remember because you are the one that is in control of your hypnosis. It was such a beautiful experience to have visited that time in my life.

From there, Abby began to walk me back and asked me to imagine watching all of my past lives swirling past and around me. Who is familiar with the Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown?! Remember in the second one when Marni was traveling back in time with Luke? She opened the door to a time portal and she was flying through it? That’s what I imagined – LOL. So I see all of this swirling energy around me and Abby told me to change that to a hallway of doors. I was in a dim lit hallway and there were, what seemed like, endless doors! That hallway was going on for a long time. So, I walked down the hallway and stopped at a door, it was the second one. In my mind I was thinking, well what the heck? I want to walk more and see what other doors might be there?! Nope, my subconscious was telling me that was THE door. My door was all wooden, surrounded by stone work, had old wrought iron work for the locks and was HUGE. It was heavy too. When I walked through the door, I knew I was in my past life.

Through the door, it was pitch black. I could feel that I was wearing a cotton nightgown and I had nothing on my feet. I walked down the hallway to try and find some light, I was walking cautiously until I found another hall to turn down. When I did, there was a torch hanging on the wall and another door. I went through the door and I was outside; it was night time, the moon was so bright and the sky was a gorgeous dark navy. It was very unsettling to be outside, I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there. It immediately made me feel nervous. I saw two men on horseback and they were burning a building. The flames were so bright and I could feel the warmth from them. There were two other people sitting on the ground crying, they were also in night clothes. The two men on horseback were in charge, maybe part of some military. I can’t trust them though. They are in charge, but they are not good people. Thankfully no one has seen me. I still don’t know why they are burning the building. Abby asks me what feelings and energies I can feel. The energy is full of distrust and despair…. 

I took a deep breath and in order to gather more information about me, we counted backwards from 5. When we got to the number one, we had moved onto the next “scene” in this experience. I was now standing in a kitchen. It was a big kitchen; too big for a regular house, but not big enough for a castle. Maybe an estate type of house. I am a servant, wearing an apron, carrying a basket. I was wearing a corset and a dark brown dress; my hair is dark brown and pinned back tightly. I just knew where I was… I knew now that I was in Paris, it was the 1700s. I don’t know what year specifically. 

I began walking from the kitchen and going out to the stables. My basket was empty, so I knew I was going somewhere to retrieve ingredients or supplies. I went to a village, what looked like an outdoor market. The ground was a gray cobblestone, to the left was a creek or river and the right was all these buildings and stores. The creek was lined with small vendors too. The market was very crowded and there were people everywhere. 

I started walking through the crowd, my head was down. I wasn’t making eye contact with anyone. I felt out of place, like I didn’t belong there. I approached an apothecary / herb store. It felt comfortable to be there, I knew that it was familiar. I walked through the door into a small shop, it was dim lit and the walls were lined with bottles. There were two people working; they knew me. I listened for my name. The gentleman called me “madonna”, I knew that this wasn’t my name, but a greeting that they used. They asked if I wanted my usual. I said yes, and studied what they gave me. It was herbs, tonics, and ingredients, but it wasn’t for food or cooking. At that moment I knew, I was a healer! I make tonics to heal others. 

While I was walking back through the village towards my horse, people were whispering around me. Abby guided me to use my spiritual ears to hear their conversations and gain insight. They were whispering about my dark work and their distrust of me being a “healer”. Then I heard the word, the word I was so dreading to hear, knowing if I did what my fate would be… But there it was… witch

They don’t understand how I heal people and how I know what is wrong just by placing my hands on someone. People want tangible remedies to heal themselves, they don’t want to be healed by touch. I was creating these fake tonics to help people, even when I healed them through touch, simply for safety.

It was rare when I healed people only with touch. I pray over them and call for guidance to heal them. There are a few people that I trust to keep my secret when I heal them with touch. They are my friends, my closest friends; we all share our deepest secrets.

When I got back from the market, I was in my study, or office, I was healing a young boy, maybe 7. I was making him tea and suddenly there were people banging at the door. I was frightened and didn’t want to answer the door. The men broke through the door and they are placing me under arrest. They are accusing me of witch-craft. I was fighting them and crying. I was shouting that I don’t practice witchcraft – I am shouting that I am a healer. They wouldn’t believe me and they said that they had evidence. They are holding my arms very tightly, I can feel the pain again. 

The evidence that they had were from people reporting me for healing them with touch. Those people were my friends! The ones that I trusted so deeply… The ones that came to me for healing at every moment they could. Now I know why, they were gaining evidence to turn me in to be arrested….. That is where the distrust I felt earlier was coming from. I feel ashamed for having trusted them and for letting my guard down. I knew better than that! We didn’t live in a time where people understood this – I feel broken and betrayed. 

Abby asked me to move forward in time again, we were moving forward to the next significant scene. 5….. 4….. 3….. 2….. 1…..

I am tied up… People are surrounding me… I never got a trial or to plead my case. They are going to execute me. The villagers are all shouting at me, some people are crying, but mostly I just feel hatred and fear. I have no other choices… I am not allowed to speak. They are going to stone me to death… The stones begin to be thrown and my last thoughts are “I need to do better next time”. 

At that time, Abby moves me forward so that I don’t experience that pain again. I started moving easily and freely to the place where I am from. I am returning to the spirit realm to greet my spirit guides. I am surrounded by clouds; I feel weightless. 

I called on my guides to ask them to step forward and help me interpret what I had just experienced. Two guides stepped forward – my Nana, she looks peaceful, ageless; she is wearing a dress that is mid shin length, old floral rose pattern, she has big coke bottle glasses, and short curly auburn hair. She is beautiful and just as I remember her from my childhood. She is smiling at me. Being greeted by her feels freeing. I turned my attention to my other guide… Jeremy. I went to high school with him; while we weren’t friends in school, we knew of each other and our friend groups overlapped. He looks like he is at peace, he looks like he has released the demons that he struggled with on Earth. Jeremy is here to help me release the same demons that he struggled with. He doesn’t want those same struggles to weigh me down like they did for him. 

Jeremy tells me that he is here to help me move through my social anxiety and the fear of trusting others, especially during times of vulnerability. If he would have trusted someone, it could have saved his life. He told me that I need to trust myself, to be open and honest with others, and not to be fearful of judgement. 

I can feel these fears being held in my root and heart chakra. Abby and I worked on shrinking these feelings and placing them elsewhere to be released. It was a beautiful process that is hard to put into words. Through the process and feeling, I can feel the pulsing and vibration through my whole body. I let that vibration wash over me. 

Jeremy hugged me, told me that he has been trying to communicate with me for a year. He has been guiding me to let this go. My Nana is reassuring me that she is always with me and to stop doubting her presence. I could feel my physical body start to cry – there were slow tears dripping down my face, although this was not the first time it happened during this session. It was the emotional release and clarity taking over. I went into a cleansing state. Allowing water to wash over me while I floated in the spiritual realm to release these burdens and gain more clarity. 

Nana and Jeremy took me to a place to review the life that I had just experienced. We walked through a door, it looked like I entered a lecture hall from college. The lights were dim, it was a big empty room. I was slowly walking down the aisle of the room looking around. As I walked into the lecture hall I was asking my guides what the purpose of that life was. 

It was time for me to release the fear of being betrayed by those that I trusted. I needed to release the judgement so that I can embrace myself and who I truly am. This was to help me lead my life with authenticity. My guides showed me a symbol, they showed me the peace sign. They told me I need to find my inner peace and when I do that, I will be able to accomplish the bigger goals of why I am on Earth for this life. 

Abby was still talking to me, she was guiding me to learn more, she was guiding me to ask more questions. My Nana hugged me again, she whispered in my ear that I have learned everything that I need to, for now, that I have all of the tools at my hand to be my truest self. She shoved me and I felt like it was a free-fall and I suddenly opened my eyes and was in my physical body and in the present with Abby. She was definitely shocked that I woke up so suddenly, but also knew that there was a reason. She let me get my bearings before we talked again.

When I came out of my hypnotic state, my mouth was dry, I felt like time had stood still, I was a bit disoriented, but knew I was safe. I had said to Abby that I was so sad that it was over… I wish that I had gotten more time and that it felt like 20 minutes long, I was disappointed in myself for not giving it more time. Abby laughed at me and said Alexis it’s been nearly 2 hours!!!! WHAT?!!! 

Abby and I talked about my experience and about what I took away from it. She then pulled the most beautiful card for my reading and the card that was pulled was “The Beautiful Place”

The card symbolized peace, the bigger picture of why I am here, the peace that I am seeking for the world, and that I am going to accomplish the peace that I have been working towards. 

Overall the experience was absolutely amazing… I have listened back to my session several times and will meditate on it to continue letting go and learning from it. I am so thankful for Abby and will continue to work with her through the years to enhance my skills. 

I truly hope you enjoyed reading this and know that it was a lot to share with the world!! 

Peace be with you friends,