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The 5 Best Crystals For Grounding

Today we are going to talk about the 5 best crystals for grounding. I briefly went over these in our article about the different ways to ground yourself but I thought we would go more in depth today. You can check out our article about grounding (and why it’s important) here!

I love these particular crystals because they pack a double duty punch of grounding along with a slew of other benefits too! If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll know that my personal favorite is black tourmaline. I have one in basically every room of my house as well as on my desk at my day job!

All of the crystals on the list below absorb or repel negative energies either from the environment or the people around you. They can all be used to tune the root chakra which is the very base of our grounding and security. By absorbing and removing the negative energy around you, these stones are going to help you stay rooted to the earth and your emotions.

Keep in mind that these are not the only grounding crystals out there. The amazing thing about crystals in general is that there are so many and there is one for virtually everything you could think of. So there are a lot of other crystals out there that also provide grounding effects. If none of the ones that I’ve listed today resonate with you, feel free to do a little research or go to a shop that sells crystals to find the one that speaks to you.

As a side note, if you decide to get one of the stones that I’ve listed below, I would recommend going to a shop to purchase it instead of buying online. I advise this because you want to see and feel the crystal to make sure it is right for you. So much of what we talk about on this blog involves using intuition and crystal purchasing is no different!

However, I have bought crystal jewelry off of Etsy before with success but my preference is to purchase it in person. Sometimes if I have something particular I am seeking, the internet works best though. If you do decide to purchase online, make sure to set an intention for the stone that calls to you (just like if you went to a store and saw it in person!). 

And, as with any crystal, make sure you cleanse the stone before using it! Check out our article on How To Cleanse Your Crystals here.

5 Best Crystals For Grounding

1. Bloodstone: Also called Heliotrope, Bloodstone is a powerful stone used to ground and protect. It’s a beautiful dark green color with red and brown hues mixed throughout. Bloodstone helps combat anxiety and protects from negative energy in the environment. It’s used for balancing and healing the root chakra but it can also increase creativity!

2. Hematite: This is such a beautiful stone! Hematite absorbs and shields you from negative energy so this is a good stone to wear throughout the day. It actually “cleanses” the negative energy it absorbs into a higher, more positive vibration. Cool right? If you have anxiety, carrying a Hematite stone with you or wearing it will help to keep you calm.

3. Black Tourmaline: My favorite crystal! Like Hematite, Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energies around you. This is a fantastic crystal for empaths and healers to keep around them because it’s so powerful at absorbing energy, particularly negative vibrations and energy from the people around them. I do notice that I have to cleanse my Black Tourmalines more often than the other crystals in my collection because it is SO good at absorbing negativity which is certainly a good thing but it’s not one that you can forget about. I definitely notice a difference in my mood and anxiety levels when I don’t cleanse mine at least every week.

4. Onyx: Also like Hematite, Onyx also absorbs and cleanses negative energy into a higher vibration. Onyx helps to prevent personal energy from draining. This is another essential crystal for healers and empaths. Onyx helps you to not be influenced by other people’s emotions and energies. I have an onyx necklace that I wear literally all day, every day and I can not express how much it has helped me. I used to hate even just going to the grocery store for 5 minutes because I would leave anxious and in a bad mood from being around so many people and all of their emotions. Wearing a black onyx stone has helped me to stay in more control over my emotions and realize what energies are mine versus the people around me. It also aids in my reiki sessions to protect me from the energies that are being released from my clients!

5. Jasper: I personally don’t think this is the prettiest of stones but don’t let Jasper’s looks fool you. This stone is powerful! Like the rest of the stones on this list, it is a protection stone from negative energies but it is also intensely calming. It promotes a sense of calm and tranquility and will support you through stressful times.

Bonus  Grounding Crystal- Garnet: I wanted to include this as a bonus to the list because Garnet isn’t mainly used for grounding but it is a stone for the root chakra. This stone will definitely provide grounding but it does this by fostering feelings of gratitude, abundance and safety. These feelings make Garnet an amazing little stone to add to your manifesting routine!

Let me know in the comments which crystal is your favorite or if you are using something that’s not on this list!

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