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What Makes Us Different?

When we decided to start a business I had a full day of excitement and jubilation and then a day of, “oh crap, am I actually going to do this?” Excitement for the fact that I finally found a way to support my family while preaching what I love, but then the fear swept in. I kept having thoughts of whether I was a good enough writer or if people would be interested in what we have to say and how everything we have to say has probably already been said before. I mean there are a million bloggers and reiki practitioners out there doing the same thing we were about to try right? 

But then I sat down and really thought about it. I listed the pros and cons and in the end, the pro’s outweighed all my doubts. There was one thing on my cons list that really stuck out to me though. How are we going to be different? How are we going to stand out and shine bright in a vast sea of other people doing the same thing as us, a lot of them who have been doing it much longer. 

So instead of ruminating on the negative, I turned that thought into a positive. I made a list of all the ways Seven Stones Studio was going to stand out and all the ways we were going to reach a huge audience and make money doing what we love. Which brings us to the heart of this article. How exactly are we different from other reiki practitioners and bloggers? Why should you choose us over all the others out there?

I’m sure you found us through a google search or maybe you stumbled across one of our other blogs. Maybe someone even told you to get a reiki session from Alexis or I (which you totally should!). I think the biggest thing that makes Alexis and I different is our authenticity. I know, I know, this is what EVERYONE says. 

Our authenticity and transparency allows you to see the good, bad, and down right ugly of our journey, who we are, and what we offer. Our goal is for you to feel like you are visiting an old friends house. Most of our clients say that they feel like they are sitting and hanging out with someone they haven’t seen in a while. We want you to feel comfortable throughout your session and after. We will be open and honest with you throughout your entire journey. We also want to become a part of your spiritual journey and family!! 

Alexis and I are empaths, which means that we are really attuned to the energies of other people, and we have a unique gift of being able to assess someone else’s energy and know what they need on a spiritual level. I know that sounds like some crazy voodoo but I promise it’s true. And that is one of the biggest platforms of our business. We help our clients to discover what they need to heal from their traumas and live their best lives. But it doesn’t just stop there. We stick with our clients every step of the way during their spiritual journeys. 

We don’t just perform reiki. We do an initial assessment, perform a reiki session based off that assessment and we spend time discussing the results afterwards. We like to focus on whole care so we teach our clients how to align their out of balance chakras after their session. We follow up with all of our clients to see where they are in their journey and how we can help, whether that be by giving advice in any area of spirituality and holistic living, performing another reiki session, or just listening and letting them get their feelings out. 

A spiritual journey is just that, a journey. There are many facets to it so getting a reiki treatment is only a part of the bigger picture. I’m so proud to say that we are about so much more than reiki. We are constantly learning and adding that new knowledge into our repertoire which is good for our clients and prospective clients because we can do it ALL. 

We are very transparent with our journey and our struggles. Trust me, there are days that we have no motivation, we are lagging behind, OR that we forget about our roots and don’t turn to our spirituality to bring us out of a funk. It happens, and we don’t shy away from that. It is human nature, things are not always love and light, as much as we want them to be!! 

But these aren’t the only things that make us different. Our point of view and business style sets us apart as well. We added a blog to our business plan to help spread our knowledge and experiences to as many people as possible. The way we write our blogs is the same way we talk in person!

We have a vision of creating a community of people who support each other on their respective journeys and lift each other up. I want this community to include anyone and everyone, whatever spiritual medium they have a connection with. When I picture this community of beautiful souls, it spans across the globe, and my heart feels so full of happiness and a sense of purpose that it could burst. 

Seven Stones Studio isn’t made up of just Alexis and Michelle; it’s Alexis, Michelle and our beautiful clients and readers. It’s our friends and community and we strive everyday to help every person we can to reach their highest vibration and fullest potential. We would be blessed to have you join our community too! Contact us today to tell us about how we can support you on your journey. 

With Love,
Michelle and Alexis