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Why You Should Get A Reiki Treatment

Are you considering getting a reiki treatment but wondering if it’s really worth it? Is it really going to help you? Is reiki for you? Well, in short the answer is YES it will help! 

The overall goal of reiki is to heal others and to allow your body to heal itself. The practitioner channels the energy into the receiver to increase the levels of life force energy in your body! We work directly with the energy to ease your anxiety, promote relaxation, aid in spiritual growth, and give you relief from past traumas. 

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I have a few questions for you: 

        • Do you feel stress?
        • Do you struggle with depression or anxiety?
        • Have you suffered a physical or emotional trauma? 
        • Are you seeking clarity?
        • Are you seeking spiritual growth and/or divine guidance? 

If your answer is yes to any of those, you should get a reiki treatment! Add it into your self care routine, make it part of your healing journey, and give yourself the gift of freedom. 

Reiki has been known to reduce stress and promote tranquility. Some of our clients have said that it puts them in a trance and time stands still during their sessions. We are all surrounded by stress from work, family, school, the environment, and many other factors. It’s important to reduce your stress to allow your body to perform at its best. 

I have always suffered with anxiety. My mom says it started in the womb. It was the worst when I was in grade and high school. That’s when I started to manage it, but by using essential oils and getting reiki treatments my spiritual growth has nearly allowed me to stop my anxiety attacks. I am not saying that I don’t have panic attacks once in a while, but they are much more manageable and I can pull myself out of them much quicker. There have been recent studies that prove continual reiki sessions boost your mood. When your mood and energy are balanced, it is easier to battle depression and anxiety. 

Reiki is also a wonderful way to gain mental clarity. It promotes harmony, peace, and positivity in your body. The emotional healing that this provides allows you to connect with people in a different way and allows you to be more empathetic to others. This clarity can create focus and healing in your body like you couldn’t imagine! It also gives you the spiritual growth you may be looking for. Reiki has given me the gift of connecting with my spirit guides and family members who have passed away. This took me about a year and a half of continuous sessions to accomplish, but the work was so worth it! I paired my sessions with oils, meditation, reading, and practice. 

Reiki has been recognized in the medical field as well. Many doctors, hospitals, and practitioners are incorporating reiki into their treatment plans and practices. While reiki cannot cure a specific ailment, it is a beautiful tool to pair with your treatments. It can help reduce your symptoms and side effects from your treatment.  

Reiki’s energy is limitless and is truly a piece of magic that we get to live with and offer to others! We would love to meet with you, answer your questions, and help with your healing journey. Send us a message to schedule your appointment. 

Until next time,
Alexis and the Seven Stones Team